Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sell my car at IPAA?

Selling your car is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Check your vehicle in and register at the counter. Here you will be asked for guarantee of clear title and given a spot in our auction line.
  2. Set the price you will take for your vehicle. The cost for running a vehicle is $25 if you are present to represent the vehicle or $50 if you want IPAA to represent the vehicle for you.
  3. If you get the price you desire for your vehicle, you simply bring the title to the office after 2:00 PM the following business day and receive your payment check.


How do I bid on a car that is being auctioned?

First, you must register as a bidder in the office.

When you register you will be required to give a $300 deposit. This is actually a partial payment on whichever vehicle you purchase.

If you do not purchase a vehicle at that particular auction, your $300 partial payment will be completely refunded before you leave the auction. After you have registered, proceed to the ring. Cars are available to be thoroughly checked-out Tuesday between 5:00 and 6:00 PM (Saturday 11:00 AM until Noon), before the auction starts.

At 6:15 PM Tuesday (Noon Saturday), vehicles will begin to run. Drivers will drive the vehicles one-by-one through the auction ring. As the vehicle that you’re interested in reaches the auctioneer, he will announce the vehicle along with any special information he is aware of (for instance: the vehicle may have frame damage, a rebuilt title, etc.). After the announcements (if any), the auctioneer will begin to call for bids. Those who wish to bid simply raise their hands and are recognized by the auctioneer. The auctioneer will continue to call for bids, increasing the asking price until everyone is finished.

If, at that time, you have offered the highest bid, the auctioneer will say “Sold!”, which means that you have purchased the vehicle.

You will then need to proceed to the counter to the left of the auctioneer. At this time you will sign the “block sheet”, which is the agreement between you, the seller, and the auction.

After you have completed the block sheet, the clerk will instruct you to proceed to the office and arrange for payment.


Wait, I thought auctions where only for dealers. Do I need a dealer license?

We are open to the public; you do not need a dealer license to be able to purchase from here. For more information, please view our “How To Bid” video.


How nice a car can I expect to get for my budget? 

For a general idea of what to expect at any given price range, you can visit our Sale History page, which offers a sample of vehicles that have recently sold along with their selling price.


Can you tell me if a specific car model will run through the next sale?

We are unable to be sure of what models will be featured at any given sale, as dealers and members of the public are continually bringing in vehicles.  We do, however, post a partial listing of the vehicles that will be in each sale on our website, along with listings of the vehicles offered by our partners.


I can’t make it to a Tuesday or Saturday sale. Is there a way I can buy a car on another day?

Yes. You can stop by on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM for our “Buy It Now” program. For more information, please view our “How To Bid” video.


Is online bidding available?

We have looked into the possibility of adding online bidding capability in the past, and may have something to announce regarding such an option at a future date. That said, we do not offer online bidding at this time.


Is it possible to conduct a test drive prior to bidding?

Unfortunately, the auction facility does not have a test track, so we cannot offer test drives. However, we employ a “light system” to help provide some assurances to bidders about the condition of the vehicles (see our Policies page for details).


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