Compare & Save!

Pictured below are vehicles that were actually purchased at Indiana Public Auto Auction by local car dealers.

These dealers then sold these same vehicles at their lots. They were kind enough to share the retail prices with us.

You will notice a sizable markup from the “Auction” price to the “Retail” price.

This markup represents potential savings you could realize by choosing to buy your next car at Indiana Public Auto Auction.

2007 kia sedona retail $2700 auction $1100

2008 chevy cobalt retail $3300 auction $1350

2008 mercury mountaineer retail $6400 auction $2800

2006 jeep cherokee retail $5600 auction $2900

2002 saturn vue retail $3200 auction $1400

2005 chrysler pacifica retail $4000 auction $1700

2008 jeep compass retail $5800 auction $3100

1998 nissan altima retail $1600 auction $450

2006 ford focus retail $2800 auction $950

2006 volkswagen jetta retail $3400 auction $1200


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